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My 5-day booty program is a specific program to grow the booty, as you may also call glutes. There is also exercises to the areas close to the booty, because when you grow these muscles, it grows instantly the booty at the same time. The muscles are all linked. The exercises given are the ones I did during 2 months to get incredible results of my toned and firm booty. Of course, this program is only for this part of the body, but sometimes, this is all we need!


My complete workout program is a 6-day program of 28 pages with a detailed description for every exercises and a guide to use with the group muscles for every day. It also contains the number of repetitions and series required to obtain the best results possible. All the exercises in the program are exercises that I have done during my fitness journey and that I still perform today. This is the part 1, where you work in hypertrophy to gain muscles.


Plusieurs d’entre vous souhaitent commencer l’entraînement avec une remise en forme des abdominaux et des muscles fessiers. Je vous ai donc monté un plan d’entraînement, s’effectuant sur cinq jours, qui vise à découper les muscles abdominaux et à affermir et à augmenter le volume du fessier.

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About me

I was born in 1999. I started my fitness journey after a dark time in my life, when I thought I would never be happy again. I started training slowly; I was going to the gym to escape from my negative thoughts. When I was at the gym, I could forget about everything else that was going on in my life. This is why I rapidly became addicted to the gym. I was going to do my workouts six or seven times a week. After only 3 weeks, I began to notice impressive results and from then until now, I was never able to stop from looking for more and more results. Today, I train my complete body, but the first 6 months, my workouts were only specialized for legs and booty gains.

I study at the college for now and I am looking forward to enter university next year. I want to become an architect, but I also have a lot of fun and interest in fitness. If I could do both, architect and private fitness coach, I would be totally filled!

The reason I want to share my passion with you girls (and guys), is because I think that fitness is a powerful way to be healthy, not just physically, but also mentally. I want to help the ones who don’t know where to start, I want to prove that it is easy to gain muscles and, at the same time, self confidence and self pride. Everyone should have a chance to be proud of himself and to achieve personal goals. I give you a chance to get there with me, because fitness journey is a thing we should accomplish together. We are stronger together! 


For any questions or requests, just send me an e-mail, I will be glad to answer you in the shortest delays. Also, if you’re interested in sending me your progress picture, it could even appear on my instagram page! If you want to share it with me, but not with the rest of the world, just mention it in your email. I can’t wait to hear from you beauties! Love xx

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